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Ward Consulting Engineers, P.C., is a woman owned business enterprise (WBE) founded in 1992 as Becky L. Ward Consulting-a sole proprietorship, and incorporated as Ward Consulting Engineers, P.C. in 2004. The company provides general professional civil engineering analysis and design services as well as specialized services in surface water quantity and storm water quality management; hydraulics and hydrology; flood studies; storm drainage collection and conveyance systems; stream restoration; erosion control and detention design; public involvement process development and implementation. The company furnishes these comprehensive services to both the public and private sectors. The company oftentimes functions in partnership with other consultants by providing twenty five (25) years of qualified technical expertise on projects. The company, with proven expertise in civil engineering design, offers innovative and specialized technical assistance for stream & wetland degradation, stormwater infrastructure inadequacies, BMP design, and erosion control issues.

Ward Consulting Engineers, P.C., has professional engineers registered in North Carolina, South Carolina, and the Commonwealth of Virginia. Our management capabilities are rooted in strong organization skills, technical competence and responsiveness to schedules, whether they be design or construction. Ward Consulting Engineers, P.C. has a proven track record designing quality projects and providing exceptional client relations. Ward Consulting Engineers, P.C. provides a cost effective approach to Civil Engineering offering quality designs, dependable service, capable technical expertise, and creative solutions.